Hey guys!

I have some fun news… I bought the domain name basicallybarefoot.com! I am already getting close to running out of space on this WordPress site, which I feel like happened really fast. Maybe I should reduce the size of my photos before uploading them?

Anyway, rather than purchasing more space on WordPress which seemed expensive, I bought the domain name as well as a web hosting account. Β This way I’m not limited to a certain amount of space which will be nice. And luckily I have a nerdy boyfriend who helped with the process! Thanks Sonny!

So please update your google reader and check out my new site:Β http://basicallybarefoot.com/!

Thanks for reading:)

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there is more to life than running.

You might have noticed I changed the tagline of my blog to “there is more to life than running“. I was inspired to do this today after a tough running week (or lack of running really).

I’ll take you through my week of frustrations…

Sunday – I ran 16 miles and my body was not happy about it.

Monday – I tried to run 4.5 easy miles. I only made it 2 miles because my left IT band was really sore/painful. I iced my left foot because it was a little sore.

Tuesday – I took Tuesday off because of my IT band and my swollen and painful foot.

Wednesday – My foot felt a lot better so I ran 5.5 easy miles. I didn’t have any IT band pain, but my right foot started to hurt a lot during the last 1.5 miles. I thought the pain would go away as I ran but it got worse. I had never felt anything like it before.

Thursday – I went to a sports medicine doctor to get my foot checked. He said it might be a stress fracture or tendonitis. Or it might be nothing and will maybe go away with a few days of rest. He told me not to run until Monday.

Friday – I wasn’t satisfied with what the doctor told me so I went to my massage therapist. He said part of my calf muscle that goes into my foot was tight and probably causing the pain. He worked on my calf and foot and said he would recommend I walk my miles for the weekend.

Saturday – I went to yoga in the morning and then walked 6 miles with Sonny and Max.

Sunday – I was supposed to run 12 easy miles today. I had planned to walk the 12 miles instead. At around mile 3, I tried to run a few steps to see how everything was feeling. My foot hurt and my knee hurt pretty badly. I was discouraged and decided to cut the walk to 6 miles rather than 12.

Based on how my body is feeling today, I don’t think the marathon is going to happen. I have no idea how long it will take for my foot to heal. My knee is very painful at this point (IT band) and I don’t think I can fix it quick enough to continue training. I’m sure if I go to my massage therapist again he would be able to help with my IT band and probably my foot too, but I don’t think it’s realistic to go to him more than about once a month during training. If I have to get a massage all the time to make it through marathon training, then I probably shouldn’t be training for a marathon because obviously my body can’t handle it. At least right now.

All these thoughts, and many more were going through my mind on our walk today. The decision to stop training for the marathon is a hard decision to make but I think it’s the best decision right now. I am totally bummed. I won’t lie, I was crying about it earlier. I was pretty much crying on and off the last 3 miles of our walk. But I got all my crying out and I’m okay with the fact that I need to take a little time off to recover and heal my injuries.

There is more to life than running.

This is what I have been telling myself all day. I know this is true and sometimes I just need to be reminded of this fact. Last fall when I was injured, I did a lot of swimming and yoga. I felt like my level of fitness was more well-rounded than when I was just running. I made a point not to forget this feeling when I started running again, because I knew I would once again be injured and have to find other ways to exercise.

My plan at this point is to take a week off of running. I’m going to do yoga all week and hopefully walk every night after work. I’m hoping my foot and IT band are better after taking a week off.

I signed up for the Corvallis Half Marathon which is April 10th. I really want to be able to run this. If I can start running again after taking a week off I think I will be able to. But if I have to take more time off I’m not sure if it will happen. Luckily, I haven’t signed up for the Eugene marathon yet. If I can run the Corvallis half, and I survive it without an injury, I might run the Eugene half. But who knows…

I should start swimming again. Or water jogging. I thought about this a lot today. And I have decided that for now I’m not going to do either. I really don’t like swimming. I don’t like water. And I don’t like having to swim early in the morning before work. I know swimming is really beneficial. But I don’t like it. And I don’t think the benefits are worth doing something everyday that I don’t enjoy. I love to run. And because I love running I’m pretty much always motivated to run. Because I don’t like to swim, it was always really hard to get motivated to go. I just don’t want to do it again.

Even though I don’t want to stop training for the marathon, I am excited to be able to do other things I enjoy, like hiking, that I haven’t been doing the last couple of months. I have also really missed trail running. I would rather run on trails and hills than on flat roads. I obviously can’t start trail running now, but hopefully I can soon! And it might be time for me to buy a bikeπŸ˜‰

Okay enough rambling for tonight. What is your favorite way to exercise? What activities do you do instead of your favorite if you are injured?

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chicken lasagna.

You might be wondering if I have started eating meat again. The answer is no. I’m still loving my meat free diet. I made this lasagna for my friend Lindsey and her family the day she got home from the hospital after having her third baby.

Side note: Lindsey is such an amazing mom and her kids are the cutest! Three kids sounds so hard but she makes it look easy!

I didn’t think they would want a vegetarian/dairy free meal, so I dug out this recipe. This is actually one of Sonny’s recipes he has been making for a long time. I have no idea where it came from, but it’s really good! Back when I was still eating meat but not dairy, we would put cheese on half the lasagna. It worked. But now that I’m not eating meat or dairy, this recipe really doesn’t work for us.

Unfortunately for Sonny, I probably won’t be making this meal again anytime soon. And since I won’t be making it again soon, I want to share the recipe.


Chicken Lasagna
Serves 12 – or 8 if you cut big pieces like we do!

*I don’t measure any of the ingredients. I just guess.

1 cup onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 cups mushrooms, sliced
1/2 cup butter
3 cups cooked chicken breast, diced
1/4 lb cooked ham, diced (I get meat from the deli so I don’t have to buy an entire package)
2-16 oz cans tomato puree (for some reason I have a hard time finding this)
1/2 cup dry red wine
2 T fresh parsley (or 1 t dried – I normally don’t buy the fresh stuff for this meal)
1 t dried oregano
1 t dried basil
1 t salt
1/4 t ground black pepper
1 package lasagna noodles
3 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese


Preheat oven to 350*

Bring a large pot of water to a boil and cook the lasagna noodles according to the directions on the package.

While the noodles are cooking, cook the chicken in a pan until it is browned. Set aside in a bowl.

Saute onion, garlic, and mushrooms in the butter until the onion is translucent.

Add the chicken to the pan as well as the remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil.

To assemble the lasagna, put just enough of the sauce on the bottom of a 9×13 inch pan to cover the bottom completely. Arrange 4 noodles over the sauce. Add 1/4 of the remaining sauce over the noodles. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese over the sauce. Repeat the layers. You should have 4 layers. Sprinkle the parmesan cheese over the top layer.

Bake for 25-30 minutes.

I made Sonny a small version of the lasagna…

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chili + noodles

The other night we had left-over butternut squash chili to eat. But I really didn’t feel like chili. I wanted pasta.

So I put the chili over pasta.

This reminded me of Skyline Chili.

Which reminded me of a fun vacation with my sister-in-law Christina, and my sister-sister-in law Angela!Β Some photos of the trip just for fun:)

Yay for sisters! Miss you guys:)

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the good news and the bad news.

I’ll start with the good news because it is a lot more fun:)

I finally bought my new cookware set! After a lot of research to figure out what exactly I wanted, I decided on the Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Steel 13 piece set. It has gotten good reviews, and it is the set my brother and sister-in-law have and they like it a lot.

Once I decided what cookware set I wanted to purchase, I had to figure out what store to purchase it from. Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, and Williams Sonoma all carry the set for just about the same price. But each store offers a different “bonus” with the purchase. I had decided that the bonus from Williams Sonoma sounded the best, a 7.5 qt Calphalon dutch oven. Rather than pay shipping (almost $60!) I planned to make my big purchase in Portland when I was up there last weekend since we don’t have a Williams Sonoma in Eugene.Β Well, it turns out the Williams Sonoma stores don’t carry the cookware set. You can only purchase the set online.

Now I needed to decide between the Macy’s bonus (5 qt. dutch oven + 7 piece utensil set) and the Crate & Barrel bonus (5 qt. dutch oven + pasta insert). Since I don’t make pasta very often and the pasta insert is HUGE, I decided to purchase the set at Macy’s.

Another bonus with purchasing the set at Macy’s is that they were having a 15% off sale. And with a Macy’s credit card there was an additional 10% off discount. I hate deals like this because I don’t like signing up for credit cards! But I couldn’t pass it up this time. I got a smoking deal on this purchase.

I had decided this was the set I wanted about a month ago. I waited until my Portland trip to make the purchase so I wouldn’t have to pay shipping. I ended up buying the cookware at the Eugene Macy’s on my way home from Portland. Ridiculous, I know. That’s what happens when you over analyze decisions like I do. I’m not good at making decisions, especially when it involves a lot of money. But in the end it worked out great and I’m happy with my decision.

Remember when I posted about all the coins Sonny and I turned in? We ended up with $378. And my cookware set ended up being $380 with all the discounts. Perfect.

Now I will share the bad news. If you read about my run yesterday you would know it was rough. The most difficult run EVER. I knew I would not be feeling great today. My left IT band was sore when I woke up and my left foot was a little sore. Surprisingly, other than those 2 issues I wasn’t feeling too badly this morning. When I got to work I iced my foot. After the ice had been off for a while my foot continued to feel “tingly”. I didn’t think too much of it.

I had a 4.5 mile easy run on the schedule for today. I thought I would give it a try and cut it short if I needed to. My IT band was sore from the start and got a little worse as I continued to run. I stopped running after 2 miles and walked a mile back to work. I think I’m going to take tomorrow off and maybe even Wednesday. I’m hoping with a lot of tennis ball massaging and foam rolling I can fix this IT band issue quickly. I don’t want to have to stop training for the marathon!

I need to mention my foot again. As the day went on, my foot continued to be “tingly” and started to get swollen. I have a feeling I left the ice on too long and I have (very) minor frostbite! What the heck?! I have left ice on different parts of my body for a lot longer than I left the ice on today and I have never had this issue. As I’m typing this, my foot is red and swollen. And kind of painful. I don’t really know how to fix this.

So that is the good and bad of today.

Do you have a hard time making decisions about big purchases? Have you ever given yourself a minor case of frostbite by icing too long?

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a. super. hard. run.

I think my run today was the most difficult run I have ever completed. Seriously, it was so hard. More details later.

First, here is my dinner from last night.Β 

BBQ tempeh, sautΓ©ed chard, and sweet potato rounds. That is a pretty big pile of sweet potato rounds but I think it looks even bigger in the photo. Since I have been having stomach issues the last 2 weeks (while running and just on a daily basis), I want to keep track of what works and what doesn’t the night before long runs. This meal worked. I’m happy to say I didn’t have any stomach issues while running today!

I got up 2 hours before I was going to start running (as usual). And ate the usual pre-run snack: half a banana and nut/seed butter. Today I went with sunflower seed butter.

While I was waiting for it to be 8:00am, I started reading the No Meat Athlete Marathon Roadmap. This e-book is a guide to training/running your first marathon as a vegetarian/vegan. This is perfect for me since I’m training for my first marathon and I recently stopped eating meat! I can’t wait to read more of this book.

I packed a marathon chunk and a couple dried apricots. I meant to find something else for a mid run snack but I forgot.

It was around 31 degrees and foggy when I left the house this morning. I thought I should probably wear a little more clothes than I have been since I haven’t run when it has been this cold for a while.

Hat + headband to cover up my ears.
Jacket (that I obviously love since I have worn it on every long run lately).
Long sleeve shirt under my jacket (usually I wear a short sleeve shirt).
Pants (these are thicker than the ones I normally wear).
Defyance shoes (I really don’t like these shoes).

I over dressed. When I got to Alton Baker Park, the sun was out and it didn’t feel as cold as it did at the house. I didn’t wear my gloves. I took my headband off after mile 2. And I was wishing I could take off my long sleeve shirt but that would have been kind of hard to do. Lesson learned (I hope).

I should mention that yesterday I went to my favorite yoga class. It’s a challenging class but I haven’t felt like it usually affects my long runs. But yesterday we did a lot of things that worked the quads. So my legs were a little tired before I even started running. Not a good thing when I needed to run 16 miles!

My legs were feeling pretty tight the entire run. I felt like they didn’t warm up at all and just felt really stiff. I think this is from a combination of yesterday’s yoga class and the Defyance. I felt like my hamstrings were really tight when I wore the Defyance on my 12 mile run. I didn’t feel any of this tightness when I ran 14 miles 2 weeks ago.

I was pretty frustrated. The last 6 miles or so were really hard. I think I stopped 3 or 4 times to stretch. The last 2 miles were a cool down. During these 2 miles I felt like my legs were REALLY heavy. I almost didn’t run the last mile but I really wanted to run 16! I had some left knee pain that I think was due to a tight IT band. It’s my right IT band that usually gives me issues.

8:51 – mile 1
8:32 – mile 2
8:41 – mile 3
8:35 – mile 4
8:44 – mile 5
8:30 – mile 6
8:27 – mile 7
8:26 – mile 8
8:39 – mile 9 —–> ate a marathon chunk
8:27 – mile 10
8:11 – mile 11
8:21 – mile 12
8:16 – mile 13
8:07 – mile 14
9:33 – mile 15
9:56 – mile 16

Summary – 2:18:27 – 16.01 miles – 8:38 average pace

I’m okay with my average pace. I think I ran the 14 mile run too fast and I had intended to run this one slower. But I’m a little worried about how tired I was. How am I going to run 18 miles in two weeks? After looking at my mile splits I noticed my pace jumped around quite a bit. I was planning to run slower for the first 10 miles (9:00 – 8:45 pace) and run hard for miles 11-14.Β Based on how I felt during this run, I’m wondering if I’m overtraining.

Because my legs were so tired I thought an ice bath might help. I have never done this before. I started with cold water and eventually dumped ice in. I just had ice from the freezer so I don’t think it was as cold as it could have been, but it was still really cold!

Sonny made me oatmeal so I ate that to keep warm! Max is begging for oatmeal in this photo.

With all the ice!

I was afraid to sit down for too long because I thought I would end up unable to get off the couch and be even more sore. So I baked corn bread (to go with the chili I’m currently making for dinner).

Then I ate lunch. This is a high protein lunch! Exactly what I needed after a long run. Left-over tempeh, quinoa, and cashew cheese wrapped up with steamed veggies on the side.

After lunch I made some muffins and then chilled out for a little while. Now I’m making chili for dinner. I’m hoping to get LOTS of sleep tonight so I can recover from this run!

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Weekly Recap: 2/14/2011 – 2/20/2011

Monday – 2/14/2011
Lunch: Run – 4.68 miles (easy) + 4 x 8 sec hill sprints

Tuesday – 2/15/2011
Lunch: Run – 7.04 miles (progression)

Wednesday – 2/16/2011
Lunch: Run – 5.71 miles (easy)
PM: Walk – 30 minutes
PM: Yoga – 15 minutes

Thursday – 2/17/2011
Lunch: Run – 7.10 miles (1000km repeats)
PM: Walk – 15 minutes
PM: Yoga – 15 minutes

Friday – 2/18/2011
Rest day + massage:)
PM: Walk – 20 minutes (in the snow!)

Saturday – 2/12/2011
AM: Run – 5.05 miles (easy)
AM: Yoga – 75 minute class
I totally forgot to take Max for a walk. I felt so bad!

Sunday: 2/13/2011
AM: Run – 16 miles
I’m hoping to get the recap up soon.
Sonny took Max on a hike while I was running:)

Running: 45.59 miles
Max walks: 4 walks
Yoga: 3 times

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